Energy Efficient Heat Pumps

Carrier Heat Pump

HVAC technology advancements make heat pumps more efficient and quieter than ever.

Most homes in Richmond rely heavily on a heat pump – a hard working machine pulling double duty to keep you comfortable year round. When selecting a new heating and cooling unit for your home, it’s important to make energy efficiency a priority to help conserve energy and save money. Technological advances have been applied to some exceptional products, such as those manufactured by Carrier, York and American Standard. Heat Pumps offer an affordable, reliable, efficient means of effectively cooling and heating your home year round; read on to find out more about what to look for when choosing a new unit for your home.

Two-speed Compressor

When a regular compressor is called upon it gives its all, operating at full speed. A two-speed compressor is more selective, allowing your heat pump to dictate the extent to which it operates depending on its current needs. A unit that is properly sized for your home will operate around 80 percent of the time at its low setting, resulting in less energy usage and reduced wear on the compressor. This type of compressor is ideal for zoned systems, which use an automatic damper system to allow variable temperatures in different rooms throughout the home.

Variable Speed Motor

Models such as Carrier Heat Pumps with Greenspeed Intelligence utilize variable speed technology to operate indoor and/or outdoor fans. This allows for a more precise delivery of conditioned air, fewer cool gusts, while reducing energy usage and noise.

Dual-fuel System

This type of high-efficiency system works intelligently to heat your home using a low cost electric heat pump when moderate heating conditions are in effect. As needs increase, the system automatically crosses over to your secondary heating source (such as natural gas) providing you the utmost in comfort and efficiency. When your heat pump is installed, your Atlantic Heating & Cooling Comfort Technician will set a balance point, telling the unit at which point to cross over from electric heat to secondary. This point of reference can be changed should utility rates change substantially.

Heat Pump Quote

New heat pumps and air conditioners offer the best in energy efficiency, comfort and value. Call the experts at Atlantic Heating and Cooling for more information regarding energy efficient heat pumps, or to schedule a free in-home quote on a new unit.

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