2012’s Best Heat Pumps

Researching Best Heat Pumps

If you shop for the best ratings before making a large investment, these heat pumps are the best of the best. All of the heat pumps in this list meet the Energy Star requirement of a 14.5 SEER rating and have been evaluated based on their performance and the quality of their components. The list was researched and compiled by WebHVAC.com. In order to be considered for the list a heat pump had to be determined to have excellent performance and be of high quality. The ten best rated models are shown. Atlantic Heat in Richmond, VA, is an authorized dealer of Amana, American Standard, York and Carrier, and a Premier Lennox Dealer. We service almost any brand.

1. Maytag PSH4BI iQ Drive 22 SEER 10 HSPF Heat Pump
22 SEER cooling; 10.0 HSPF heating.
This model is extremely efficient and features state of the art technology which varies the unit’s capacity between 40% and 100% to maintain even temperatures while using as little energy as possible to achieve this goal. Since it usually runs on lower capacity to improve overall performance, this unit is exceptionally quiet.
2. Carrier Infinity Series Heat Pump With Greenspeed Intelligence / Carrier Infinity 25VNAO
20.5 SEER cooling; 13.0 HSPF heating.
A popular choice among homeowners seeking green heating and cooling solutions for their homes, this model also features a modulating compressor. Much like the Maytag model above, this model runs quiet and is highly efficient. Ideal for operating in areas where extreme temperatures are the norm.
3. American Standard Platinum ZM Heritage 20 Heat Pump
19 SEER Cooling; 9 HSPF Heating.
Though not as efficient as the first two, this model offers top-tier efficiency while offering a considerable price break from the models in spots one and two. This heat pump cuts energy use by an average of 50%, which could be even more if you are replacing an older unit. It also features one of the best available warranties.
4. Trane XL 16i Heat Pump
18 SEER Cooling; 9.2 HSPF Heating
A great combination of value and performance. The unique energy saving feature here is it’s dual fuel capability- meaning it runs in tandem with a gas furnace. The heat pump is efficient above 40 degrees F., below that the gas furnace (which is more efficient at colder temperatures) kicks in. An excellent choice for customers living in areas prone to very cold winters.
5. Heil Model 9.5 HSPF 17 SEER Heat Pump
17 SEER Cooling; 9.5 HSPF Heating
A solid, efficient heat pump at a reasonable price. This model also features a two-stage compressor which aids in its efficiency.

6. Lennox Elite XP16
17 SEER Cooling; 8.7 HPSF Heating
This unique dual fuel model also features a dual stage compressor for added efficiency. This model is also effective at preventing hod/cold zones within your home.
7. Goodman 16 SEER R-410A Refrigerant SSZ16 Heat Pump
16 SEER Cooling; 9.75 HSPF Heating
Dual fuel unit ideal for cooler climates where a high SEER rating isn’t necessary. One of the top brands in the industry, this affordable model uses the top-rated Copeland Ultratech scroll compressor. This heat pump also includes an excellent warranty.
8. Bryant Preferred Series model 223A 15 SEER Heat Pump
15 SEER Cooling; 8.8 HSPF Heating
A dual fuel model ideal for cooler, northern climates. A single stage model, this heat pump is more affordable than a two stage model. An excellent deal for those seeking efficiency and economy.
9. Ruud model UPQL-AZ Heat Pump
15 SEER Cooling; 10.45 HSPF Heating
Designated “Best In Class” heating, this unit features a single stage compressor. Designed for climates that experience very low temperatures, it also features the Copeland Ultratech scroll compressor.
10. York Model THGF Heat Pump
14.5 SEER Cooling; 9 HSPF Heating
A reliable single stage heat pump ideal for mild climates that do not experience extreme temperatures. It’s low price makes it ideal for vacation homes where cost is more important than efficiency.

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